One of the most important things about our journey in life is the people we meet and their stories. I love to meet new people and hear about how they got where they are today. Since the main topic of this article relates to personal finance, I thought it would be great to get to know more about one of our neighbors who also helps people with their personal finances. Stephen Westurn and his wife Cathy have been good friends of mine for a long time, since our youngest boys were 4. But recently, I’ve learned something new about Stephen. I took an opportunity to sit down and visit with my friend and neighbor to learn about this new area of work in his life.

During Stephen’s career he has advised business leaders on strategic planning and practical ways to improve their company’s financial results. He also uses that knowledge and skills to help individuals improve their family’s financial security. Recently, I read his blog from a post on a social media site. The blog was about personal financial planning so of course it interested me. I think it is important to seek various resources so one can make the best decisions in life, especially as it relates to personal finance. I read the blog and then checked out his website and learned more about Westurn Consulting LLC. When we sat down for our conversation, I learned the story of how and why he started Westurn Consulting LLC and it is what I think makes a good story great.

I found out that Stephen has been advising family and close friends for years to help them with personal financial issues. However, recently he began personal financial counselling for others after his pastor asked him to help two church members at Life Fellowship. One was a business owner in need of Stephen’s expertise in corporate finance, and the other needed assistance with their personal finances. His pastor asked for Stephen’s assistance due to his experience as a financial planner, but also due to his desire to serve others and help people. After he helped them, something triggered in Stephen that led him back to his pastor’s office for a conversation. Stephen saw a problem he could help many people solve. The idea he shared with his pastor was to begin a financial counselling ministry in the church. There were likely more people who were in need of Stephen’s guidance and his pastor agreed – Personal Financial Fitness ministry and Westurn Consulting LLC were born.

Guiding people toward financial security is Stephen’s mission which directs how he works with his clients. The Personal Financial Fitness ministry consists of 6 sessions with a Spring class and Fall class. He works with individuals and couples to help them understand their current financial picture, so they can “get on the same page”.

Through Westurn Consulting LLC, Stephen works with both personal finances and entrepreneurs or business owners. The same concept applies, recognize where you are and where you want to go. Decide what is important to your company’s growth and spend accordingly. Helping both individuals and business owners understand the financial impact of the decisions they make guides them to better choices and creates better outcomes for their future.

Stephen, his wife Cathy, and I share the same values. Stephen and I work with our clients in much the same way, so I’ve asked him to share in the writing of this column with me. His first article will be written in June, so stay tuned for his take on all matters, financially speaking.

Make a choice to connect with one of your neighbors and share your stories of the journey that brought you to where you are today. It’s my opinion that connecting with people is one of the fundamentals of a life well lived.

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