I have exciting news to share! I recently published a book titled Do I Have To? The book is written with the millennial generation in mind, especially as they begin to create plans for their future. In an afternoon, the reader can begin to put a spending plan in place and change the outcome of their future.

While working with recent graduates from college as a financial planner, I began to notice a couple of interesting things about this group. These graduates are earning very high salaries, and spending with not much thought to their near or distant future. Some saved a little each month, some went into debt a little each month. Many knew some of the basics of managing their money, but just needed to fill in a couple of gaps. They were, and are, willing to listen to advice.

Do I have To? was written to provide the advice that fills in these gaps, so they can learn to spend wisely, stay out of debt, and most importantly, stay off their parents payroll! Let’s face it, empty nesting isn’t so bad once you get used to it. Really, getting the kids off our payroll, and keeping them off, is important if we want to achieve our own retirement goals.

Inside the pages of Do I Have To? are the mechanics of categorizing expenses, understanding net worth, and some rules of thumb for saving toward future goals. More importantly, this book helps these new wage earners learn how to align their spending with their values and principles.

One of my favorite areas in the book suggests the reader go talk with their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, or mentors in their life and learn from their past successes and failures. They need to go visit with these important people and ask them about lessons they learned along the way. Wisdom is gained from experience. Millennials can achieve everything they want when they take the knowledge they have, apply the wisdom of those who have gone before them, and spend their money on the things they value most. Reading Do I Have To? is just an easy place to start.